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Entertainment Events

Magzila hosts a lot of Entertainment Events for Corporates, Shopping Malls, Residential Estates and the Public. Our provided event types are list but not limited to follow:

  • *  Event Management (項目管理)
  • *  Annual/Any Parties (週年晚會)
  • *  Exhibition (展覽)
  • *  Window Display (櫥窗裝飾)
  • *  Corporate Celebration (公司慶典)
  • *  Festival Celebration (節日慶祝活動)
  • *  Carnival (嘉年華)
  • *  Press Conference (記者招待會)
  • *  Singing Contest (歌唱比賽)
  • *  Opening Ceremony (開幕儀式)
  • *  Launching events (登場儀式)
  • *  Decoration with Licensing

Magzila can carry following Entertainment Services on each of the above events as selections:


Mini/Stage Performances (各類小型/舞台表演)

A performance, in performing arts, generally comprises an event in which a performer or group of performers behave in a particular way for another group of people, the audience. Choral music and ballet are examples. Usually the performers participate in rehearsals beforehand. Afterwards audience members often applaud. The means of expressing appreciation can vary by culture. Chinese performers will clap with audience at the end of a performance; the return applause signals "thank you" to the audience.

We have a big selection of performances for running on your Show and please feel free to ask for more if you get some new ideas; we have a group of great performances on the backend training themselves up everyday for your event.

  • Clown Balloon Twisting 小丑扭波
  • Street Performance Arts 行為雕像表演
  • Acrobatics Performance 街頭雜技表演
  • African Drums Performance 非洲鼓樂互動表演
  • Hula hoop Performance 呼拉圈奇技表演
  • Magic Show 神奇魔術表演
  • Performance of single-wheel bike 單輪車雜技
  • BMX Bicycle Performance BMX單車表演
  • Belly Dance Performance 肚皮舞表演
  • Fire Show 火焰之光
  • Children Choir 兒童合唱團
  • Break Dance 街頭霹靂舞
  • Lion Dance Performance 舞龍舞獅表演
  • Mime Performance 默劇表演
  • Chinese Opera 粵劇團
  • Modern Jazz Dance 現代爵士舞
  • Magical Bubble Show 魔幻泡泡表演
  • Want more? Call us...


Artist Management (藝員管理)



Booth Games (攤位遊戲)

Booth Games comes with a package of 2mX2m or 2mX3m Marquee setup, one table, two chairs, at least one helper, game signage, banners, decoration, game instruction, free giveaways, setup, production and dismantle.  Here please find a total of 18 games ideas as reference and we have much more - please feel free to contact us for your event.


Arts & Crafts Workshops (手工藝工作坊)

Arts & Crafts Workshops is a very popular public Entertainment Event as it can really drive the whole family or players together by doing something together.  At the same time, players can take away something they had done at the event as survivor:


Mascots, Inflatable Characters or Cosplay (各類吉祥物/角色扮演)

We can custom made whatever kind of mascots you want for your event:


Food & Catering (食物派發或備辦食物)


Redemption / Gifts & Premium Distribution (換領禮品/禮品派發)

Let us know what kind of event you are in and we will do all the sourcing for the best fit gifts for you:


Crossover events with Licensing Cartoon Partners (與各卡通品牌共同合作)


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