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Chinese New Year (農曆新年)

Chinese New Year is an very important seasonal celebration for Chinese around the globe.

  • (Food type) candy, pigs, ducks, chicken and sweet delicacies
  • (Character type) greeting couple, god of wealth, happy kids
  • (Animal type) Animal from Chinese Zodiac (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig), dragon puppets (marionette-style), double fishes
  • (Object type) firecrackers, Chinese Lanterns, red pocket (or envelopes), ingot, fireworks, coins, weaving hanging fringes, knots
  • (Flower type) peach blossom (living blooms), azalea, peony, and water lily or narcissus, Lucky Bamboo
  • (On behalf of the color) bright red, pink, gold

Homes and businesses are decorated with poetic couplets wishing people good luck; large red lighted-up lantern are hanging everywhere for seasonal celebration; children can get red pocket with money inside as a New Year blessing; everyone get a long vacation and get a chance to see their families for gathering; having a living blooms symbolize rebirth and new growth. Celebrate your Chinese New Year with Style - Ideas, tips, personal thoughts about creating wonderful parties, special events. Get idea of Chinese New Year Party Decoration or decor through

Chinese New Year Festival Services

Chinese New Year is important to the Chinese because it means we are starting a new year + a new life. Great Celebrations will help bring in a great new year. Our responsibility is to fill up the festival atmosphere around cities and shopping centers. Decorations create happiness for our city and it plays an very important role to keep Hong Kong looking good!!

* Brainstorm Front Ideas (建立最開始的設計概念)
* Skyline Decorations (天花或向天的裝飾物料)
* Low Level Decor (比較低的裝飾物料)
* Characteristics Decor for different Chinese Zodiac (不同生肖的肖像)
* Real Peach Blossom Tree / Plants Setup (桃花樹/年花)
* Artificial Flower Setup (仿真年花)
* Red Lantern Light Display (紅色傳統燈籠)
* Figurines/Props (立體物件/道具)
* Theatricals & Sculptures (戲劇演出/雕塑物)
* Silkscreen Banners (絲印橫額)
* Digital Banners (數碼橫額)

Chinese Zodiac Sign

Year 2014  year of Horse
Year 2013 - year of snake
Year 2012 - year of dragon
Year 2011 - year of rabbit
Year 2010 - year of tiger
Year 2009 - year of ox (cow)
Year 2008 - year of rat
Year 2007 - year of pig (boar)
Year 2006 - year of dog
Year 2005 - year of rooster (chicken)
Year 2004 - year of monkey
Year 2003 - year of sheep
Year 2002 - year of horse
Year 2001 - year of snake
Year 2000 - year of dragon

The Sheng Xiao (Chinese: 生肖; also known as Birthpet, or Chinese zodiac animal, Chinese zodiac sign) is 12 animals which are representative of years in some East Asia countries, and the Chinese zodiac is the 12-year cycle of these 12 animals. Each year of the 12-year cycle is named after one of the original 12 animals. Each animal has a different personality and different characteristics. The animal is believed to be the main factor in each person''''s life that gives them their traits, success and happiness in their lifetime.

The Chinese zodiac refers to a pure calendrical cycle; there are no equivalent constellations like those of the occidental zodiac. In imperial times there were astrologers who watched the sky for heavenly omens that would predict the future of the state, but this was a quite different practice of divination from the popular present-day methods.


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